Executive Board

The Westerville Parent Council Executive Board is made up of volunteers with years of experience running school support groups and serving in other community organizations.cropped-iStock_000008376541XSmall.jpgExecutive Board members serve because they have a passion for bringing together all of our school support groups to create positive outcomes for Westerville students.

Each board member serves one year terms and each office may be filled continuously by the same person for up to three terms in a row.  Elections are held in April of each year, with terms beginning July 1.

Interested in developing your leadership skills, serving the greater WCS community and advocating for all students?  Consider joining the WPC Board!  Contact us HERE.

Liz Washburn, President

Jeff Johnson, 1st Vice President, Communications

Elizabeth Firth, 2nd Vice President, Summer Camp & Activities Expo Chair

Alan Pate, Treasurer

Marile Mueller, Secretary, GEM Co-Chair