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Summer Camp & Activities Expo Coming March 8 

The 2017 Summer Camp & Activities Expo will take place from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 8, at Westerville North High School, located at 950 County Line Road.  The event is sponsored by the Westerville Parent Council PTA.

Families will be able to meet one-on-one with representatives from more than 70 organizations around Ohio and beyond that offer exciting summer opportunities for children of all ages.  Registration for many camps will be available on-site.

For more information, including a list of participating vendors, please visit


Operation Street Smart Returns Feb. 8

Based on the positive feedback from last year’s event and a desire to reach more families and community members, Operation: Street Smart returns to Westerville next month on February 8, 2017, 6:00pm at Westerville South High School, 303 S. Otterbein Avenue, 43081
Presented by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and sponsored by Westerville Parent Council, this eye-opening event for ADULTS only provides the awareness and knowledge to help you keep your family safe.

Operation: Street Smart provides up-to-date narcotics information to families, schools and others who work with today’s youth on a daily basis. The presentation includes discussion of trends, terminology, paraphernalia and physiological effects of the substances being abused in our community.

The program is conducted by undercover detectives, who possess over fifty years of combined narcotics experience.

● Presentation will include actual examples of real street drugs so you can learn how to recognize them (marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamines)

● Examples of common drug paraphernalia will be shown to illustrate the ease in camouflaging drug use

● Strong emphasis will be placed on the physiological effects of drugs as well indicators to look for

● Prescription medications will also be addressed, due to easy access in most households

This is a FREE event – no registration needed.  Due to the mature subject matter, no youth will be permitted entry and childcare is not available.

 Time to Nominate Your Favorite GEM!

The deadline for GEM nominations is Friday, February 10, 2017.  Sponsored by Roush Honda and Westerville Parent Council, the annual GEM Awards, which stands for “Great Educator Mentors,” honors community members, volunteers, teachers and staff who consistently go above and beyond for students in Westerville schools.

Award winners are selected for each school in the district by building committee.  Additionally, awards are given for those who serve in an extraordinary way for pupils in more than one building or across the entire district.

Recipients will be announced in mid-March.  Nomination forms can be found at HERE or in any school office.

Reading, Writing and Spelling Challenges to be Explored at November 16 Meeting

Does your child struggle with reading, writing and spelling?  Do you read textbooks to your son or daughter?  Do you find you and your child spending hours working on homework?  On November 16, Westerville Parent Council will host a documentary movie and audience question-and-answer session with a panel of experts (including a parent participant) to discuss the “science of reading,” the most common cause of reading, writing and spelling challenges and how families can support their children at all grade levels.

The brain is a complex organ and has areas in which it both excels and struggles.  Difficulty reading, spelling and writing are challenges faced by many, and the most common cause of these challenges is a learning difference called dyslexia.  Dyslexia is not the reversal of letters or reading backwards – a common myth.  It is a specific, neurologically based inability to quickly and effectively, as compared to a standard learner, decode and obtain meaning from the printed word.

Of the American public school children diagnosed with a learning difference, 85% of the diagnoses are dyslexia-related.  Studies indicate that up to 20% of the entire population has some degree of dyslexia.  With one in five having dyslexia challenges, it is important that students are taught the way their brain is wired and that families are equipped with ways to support their children at home as well.

This free event will take place on Wednesday, November 16, at 6:30 p.m. at Westerville Central High School, located at 7118 Mount Royal Avenue.  For more information, please contact  To learn more about dyslexia, contact the event co-sponsor, the International Dyslexia Association-Central Ohio, at

Westerville Parent Council announces its support for Issue 59, the Substitute Emergency Levy on the ballot November 8.  

Issue 59 is a zero new tax levy that actually extends the life of the current five year emergency levy.  Westerville Parent Council believes that school district administration and staff have done a good job of managing funds and planning for our future.  With the current levy, Westerville schools have been able to

  • restore needed busing routes
  • substantially reduce pay to participate fees
  • introduce All Day Kindergarten to Westerville families
  • accomplish a 2:1 student to device ratio for classroom technology
  • provide facilities upgrades

The 2012 emergency levy originally was projected to maintain a positive cash balance for only three years. Due to changing past business practices, salary and benefit concessions from all employees, and additional state funding, WCSD has been able to stretch those dollars to maintain a cash balance for at least eight years.

Additionally, the district’s primary financial goal since passing the March 2012 emergency levy has been to delay the need for a new levy as long as possible. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, approval of a substitute emergency levy means the district may not need a new operating levy for at least another five or six years.

Providing enriching experiences for all of our students is one of the goals of all Westerville Parent Council member groups across the district.  Securing passage of this levy will allow progress in this area to continue while affording the district the opportunity to implement improvements and growth where needed.  Westerville Parent Council encourages all booster, PTA and PTO groups to consider their endorsement and support of the passage of this important levy.

Not renewing the levy will amount to a loss of $16.7 million in annual revenue to the district plus the loss of the state’s contribution of the first 10 – 12% of each property owner’s portion.

For more information on Issue 59, please visit Our Community, Our Schools Westerville at:

If you would like the OCOS Outreach Team to speak to your PTA, PTO, Booster or Community Group, please contact Westerville Parent Council at:


Sponsors Westerville Parent Council and Roush Honda are pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s GEM Awards.  Now in its thirteenth year, the GEM Awards program, which stands for Great Educator Mentor, recognizes volunteers and district staff who go above and beyond for students in Westerville schools.
Each building solicits nominations and a committee comprised of staff and parents/caregivers selects an honoree.  In addition, a committee with district-wide representation selects one business recipient and four individuals for contributions that impact more than one building or the district as a whole.
GEM Award recipients will be recognized during a special session of the Westerville Board of Education on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 7:00pm in the Westerville North High School auditorium, located at 950 County Line Road.  This special session is open to the public, who are encouraged to attend and help celebrate those who do so much for so many.
The 2015-2016 GEM Award recipients are:
Early Learning Center…….Laurie Shepherd
Elementary Schools
Alcott…………………..Leslie Rosen
Annehurst…………..Shayne Fletcher
Cherrington………..Kim Millington
Emerson……………..Lesley Walden
Fouse…………………..Kenwyn Chambers
Hanby………………….Stacy Keenan
Hawthorne………….Rebecca Limes
Huber Ridge………..Nichole Thomas
Longfellow…………..Dr. Christopher Wanner
Mark Twain…………Kemily Palmer
McVay………………….Nicole Dezen
Pointview…………….Tiffany Hughes
Robert Frost…………Eric Indiciani
Whittier………………..Brea Jennings
Wilder…………………..Marilyn Rogers
Middle Schools
Blendon…………………Nell Liston
Genoa…………………..Terry Van Huffel
Heritage………………..Jennifer Cole
Walnut Springs……….Dwight Back
High Schools
Westerville Central…..Kyle Sutton
Westerville North……..Kendra Polito
Westerville South…….Jeanette Talamo
Andrew Boatright
Lauren Hoffman
Lesley Walden
David Walker
Terry Gordon Business Award
Lakeshore Cryotronics

WPC Summer Camp Expo

(map & directions)

Admission is FREE and open to the public!

  • Everyone in attendance will have a chance to win RAFFLE PRIZESdonated by our vendors!
  • Meet one-on-one with representatives from businesses and organizations from Ohio and beyond.
  • Registration for many camps will be available onsite.
  • 2016 Vendors will be listed SOON!

The Summer Camp & Activities Expo is Westerville Parent Council’s largest fundraiser.  Proceeds support our Scholarship Fund, Reflections Art Contest, theGEM Awards and programming to increase Family Engagement in our schools.  Thank you for your support! 

Assessment Literacy Night for Parents
Presented by Dr. Scott Ebbrecht, Director of Assessment and Alternative Education for Westerville City Schools
Tuesday, March 15, 2016
6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Westerville Central High School auditorium
7118 Mount Royal Ave, Westerville  (MAP)
This workshop will provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers to:
  • Learn about the standardized tests and state assessments their children will be taking in grades K-12 and what is exactly measured
  • Gain insight in how to further prepare their children for testing.
  • Better interpret the reports that are sent home detailing student scores.
While there is no cost to attend, attendees are encouraged to register online at:

Westerville Parent Council Sponsors ADHD Workshop on Supporting Students of All Ages

On Tuesday, March 1, at 7:00 p.m., Westerville Parent Council will host a unique workshop titled, Homework Challenges, Executive Function Skills and Supporting Students of ALL Ages.  It will be presented by Christine Kotik, a local advocate for individuals with ADHD.  The event will take place at the Westerville Public Library, which is located at 126 South State Street.  There is no cost to attend and reservations are not needed.

Homework challenges and understanding Executive Function skills are important topics for all families to grasp in order to provide positive support at home.  Come learn in a supportive and engaging environment and leave with knowledge and strategies that you can immediately put into place at home to help any child with homework.

Through her work with children, parents, college students, and adults, Kotik is a passionate advocate for individuals with ADHD. As the mother of four children, an adult woman living with ADHD, a former educator at a school for children who learn differently, and now an ADHD coach, she is continually immersed in an ADHD world which allows her to deeply identify with those struggling to manage ADHD in their families.  She has dedicated herself to broadening the reach of ADHD education and advocacy as the coordinator of Columbus, Ohio*s CHADD.  Individuals with ADHD often struggle in the classroom, at home, with peers and even at work, so she helps them build skills and acquire strategies to improve time management, decrease procrastination, develop realistic views of a task or situation, and improve relationships.  Kotik aids parents in understanding and supporting their child.  Young adults and college students are empowered to make decisions, improve follow through, build strong relationships and develop accountability.  She also assists adults in breaking through the barriers and moving towards living the life they’ve been wishing for.  Learn more at

 Westerville School District Treasures its Volunteers

Pictured being recognized at the Board of Education meeting are Westerville Parent Council officers Leslie Klenk (vice president), Lisa Wood, (treasurer), Marile Mueller (secretary) and Lisa Aucoin (president).

At the January 25 meeting of the Westerville City Schools Board of Education, Westerville Parent Council (WPC), along with 34 member groups it represents, including PTAs, PTOs, booster and community organizations, was recognized for its outstanding service to the Westerville City School District.  WPC supports district PTA participation in the Ohio PTA Reflection competition, organizes the annual GEM Awards to recognize teachers and volunteers, hosts the annual Summer Camp and Activities Expo, and sponsors six college scholarships annually to recognize outstanding graduating seniors.

During the 2014-2015 school year, volunteers in WPC’s member groups provided 94,767 hours of donated time and talent in such areas as band, theater and athletic support, literacy initiatives, student leadership development, tutoring, mentoring and countless clubs and experiences for students beyond the classroom.  Monetary contributions to the school district from WPC groups have now topped $1 million dollars and continue to increase each year.  The Board of Education and Superintendent commended the volunteers for making Westerville City Schools a better place to learn and teach.

– See more at:

 Westerville Parent Council Sponsors Community Awareness Event for Adults

Operation:  Street Smart                 
Adult Drug Education
Presented by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office
 Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Westerville South High School Media Center     303 S. Otterbein Avenue

Due to the mature subject matter, this is an Adults-Only event/
Childcare not provided       No reservation needed
Awareness and Knowledge give YOU the power to help keep your children safe.
Street Smart provides current and up-to-date narcotics information on trends, terminology, paraphernalia, and physiological effects to families, schools and others who deal with today’s youth on a daily basis.
Street Smart is conducted by detectives, who possess over fifty years of combined narcotics experience.  
  • Includes actual examples of current street drugs
  • Drug paraphernalia examples to depict the ease in camouflaging drug use from adults
  • Strong emphasis placed on the physiological effects of the drugs/indicators to look for
  • Marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, and methamphetamine are also covered extensively
  • Prescription medications are addressed, due to the easy accessibility in most households

WPC Summer Camp Expo

2016 Summer Camp/Activities Expo

Don’t miss this year’s Expo, where visitors can learn about the many summer camp and activity options in the Westerville/Columbus area for children.  Each attendee will have a chance to win raffle prizes donated by various vendors.  There will be representatives on site that offer programs for preschool and elementary-aged children, as well as middle and high school students and many will offer on-the-spot registration.
 Admission is FREE and open to the public!
Westerville North High School is located at 950 County Line Road, Westerville, OH  43081 (map)

Gem Logo

Time to Nominate Your Favorite GEM

The deadline for GEM nominations is Friday, February 5, 2016.  Sponsored by Roush Honda and Westerville Parent Council, the annual GEM Awards, which stands for “Great Educator Mentors,” honors community members, volunteers, teachers and staff who consistently go above and beyond for students in Westerville schools.

Award winners are selected for each school in the district by building committee.  Additionally, awards are given for those who serve in an extraordinary way for pupils in more than one building or across the entire district.

Recipients will be announced in mid-March.  Nomination forms can be found at HERE or in any school office.


High School 101

8th Grade Families:  Wondering what to expect as high school enrollment approaches?

A panel of high school educators will give information about academics, high school scheduling, graduation requirements and several high school programs including International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement and Career and Technical Programs.

Download the flyer:  HS101 Flyer 2016 FINAL

February 10, 2016        7:00 p.m. 

Westerville Central High School Auditorium    

7118 Mount Royal Ave., Westerville, OH 43082

Coming Soon… Future Night (for families of incoming 9th graders) will be held at each high school on April 7; watch for details!

Westerville Parent Council Recognizes PTA Reflections Winners


Photo credit: Lynne Maslowski, Westerville City Schools
Westerville Parent Council hosted the 2015-2016 PTA Reflections ceremony on Tuesday evening, January 12, recognizing student achievement in literature, music, dance, film/video production, photography and visual arts.  This year’s theme was “Let Your Imagination Fly.”  Volunteer Lisa Wood organized the event, along with co-chairs Jill French and Sarah Strauss.This year, a whopping 355 students from 15 Westerville schools participated, with 169 entries advancing to the district competition.  From that pool, 79 district level winners were honored – 27 from the primary division (grades K-2); 32 from the intermediate division (grades 3-5); and 20 from the middle division (grades 6-8).  Fifty-seven district winners will advance to the State competition.

Westerville Parent Council Releases 2014-2015 Volunteer Support Report

Westerville Parent Council (WPC) has released its report regarding volunteer efforts put forth during the 2014-2015 school year for the betterment of the Westerville City School District.  This is a compilation of volunteer hours, donations and scholarships gathered from Westerville Parent Council members (PTAs, PTSAs, PTOs, Booster groups and Community groups), in support of students and families in the Westerville City School District .  Thirty-three groups responded.  Key findings:

  • For the 2014­2015 school year, volunteers in WPC’s member groups provided 94,767 hours of donated time and talent in such areas as band, theater and athletic support, literacy initiatives, student leadership development, tutoring, mentoring and countless clubs and experiences for students beyond the classroom.
  • Monetary support provided by member groups collectively totaled $1,094,584.32. This support comes in the form of programs, projects and activities that enhance the educational and extracurricular well­-being of students. Money is raised through a multitude of fund-raising initiatives, contributing to the thousands of hours of donated time.
  • WPC’s member groups also supported graduating seniors from all three high schools with scholarships worth $41,300.00.
  • Of significant note, monetary contributions have now topped $1 million dollars and continue to increase each year.
  • The impact of volunteer support groups in our district is greater than ever before. WPC encourages all families and community members to connect with a group of their choice and support Westerville students with their time, talent and financial gifts.

Westerville Parent Council Awards Six Student Scholarships

Photo credit: Lynn Maslowski, Westerville City Schools

After reviewing more than 170 scholarship applications from all three Westerville high schools, six students were chosen to receive Westerville Parent Council (WPC) scholarships.  The recipients were recognized during the May Westerville Parent Council meeting.  They are:

  • Kaitlyn Brosnahan – WPC Central Scholarship
  • Bradley Davis – WPC North Scholarship
  • Rachel Nicodemus – WPC South Scholarship
  • Cecilia Kemper – WPC Legacy Scholarship- North
  • Tyler Miller – WPC Technical Scholarship – North/DACC
  • Sarah Leonard – WPC Exceptional Scholarship – South

School Board Recognizes PTA Reflections Program Winners

Westerville Parent Council’s 2014-2015 National Reflections Program Chairperson Lisa Wood presented 13 student artists for recognition at the Westerville City Schools Board of Education meeting held Monday evening, April 27.  131 district pupils participated in this year’s contest which celebrates original works of art in six different categories – dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.  This year’s theme was “The world would be a better place if…”Winning entries from each Westerville elementary and middle school advanced to district judging.  Westerville Schools was permitted to send 58 district winners to state judging, and 13 of those entries were recognized at the state level with Awards of Excellence, Awards of Achievement, Awards of Merit, or Honorable Mentions.  The two first place winners, who received Awards of Excellence, will advance to the national level.  Honorees were:

  • Elizabeth Bridge, Robert Frost, Dance Choreography, Honorable Mention
  • Addie Gurgiolo, Annehurst, Music Composition, Honorable Mention
  • Martha Cumming Vukovic, Mark Twain, Literature, Honorable Mention
  • Ellis Blackstone, Walnut Springs, Photography, Award of Merit
  • Lexy Lawrence, Mark Twain, Music Composition, Award of Merit
  • Anna Whiting, Emerson, Literature, Award of Merit
  • Hayden Freeman Walker, Wilder, Dance Choreography, Award of Achievement
  • Kinsley Reese, Mark Twain, Dance Choreography, Award of Achievement
  • Sydney Hooker, Heritage, Photography, Award of Achievement
  • Sidney Osterberg, Mark Twain, Music Composition, Award of Achievement
  • Thomas Dalton, Mark Twain, Film Production, Award of Achievement
  • Marlaina Robles, Mark Twain, Dance Choreography, Award of Excellence
  • Lily Wood, Alcott, Literature, Award of Excellence

GEM Award Recipients Honored on April 20

Photo credit: Lynne Maslowski, Westerville City Schools

The Westerville Parent Council, Roush Honda, the Superintendent of Schools and the Westerville City Schools Board of Education recognized Great Educator and Mentor (GEM) award winners at a reception and special ceremony held at Westerville North High School on Monday evening, April 20.  GEM awards are given to individuals who make a difference in the lives of the students in the Westerville School District.  All GEM winners promote the welfare of pupils in the home, school and community, and each goes above and beyond the call of duty. This year, 27 deserving individuals and one business were recognized as GEM award winners.

  • Early Learning Center………Nancy Brunson

Elementary Schools

  • Alcott…………………………….Joseph Uher
  • Annehurst………………………Judy Sargeant
  • Cherrington…………………….Erin Foster
  • Emerson………………………..Angela Pitman
  • Fouse……………………………Naomi Schone
  • Hanby……………………………Beth Mulick
  • Hawthorne……………………..Lisa Aucoin
  • Huber Ridge…………………..Jonathan Couser
  • Mark Twain…………………….Lisa Paeltz
  • McVay…………………………..Laura & Alan Pate
  • Pointview……………………….Linda Flynn
  • Robert Frost…………………..Betty Wajda
  • Whittier………………………….Niki Ducy
  • Wilder……………………………John Miller

Middle Schools

  • Blendon…………………………Linda Ferguson
  • Genoa…………………………..Rodney Johnson
  • Heritage………………………..Dan Church
  • Walnut Springs………………Jean Trimble

High Schools

  • Central………………………….Barbara Coppens
  • North…………………………….Jeff Bracken
  • South……………………………Todd McDavid


  • Jennifer Aultman
  • Julie and Mark Jackson
  • Charles Marschall
  • John O’Connor

Terry Gordon Business Award

  • Speedy Sneakers Racing

2015 Summer Camp/Activities Expo Slated for

March 11